Passive Security For Homeowners: Simple Tips to Make Your Home and Family More Secure

Passive methods, such as solar designs for a home or building are an excellent example of an improvement that offers real value. In much the same manner, passive security improvements can offer families a safer, more secure home. Also, there are many passive security improvements that homeowners can do at little or no cost. If you would like to make your own home safer and more secure, the following information is sure to help. 

Remove opportunities for an intruder to conceal themselves

Intruders, burglars, vandals, and thieves all rely on being able to conceal themselves from view as they attempt to access and enter homes where they want to commit crimes. Because of this, this type of criminal is most likely to target homes that offer them the cover they need. Examples of this include: 

  • homes with lush or overgrown landscaping near the home or along the perimeters of the property which are capable of concealing one or more adults
  • homes that are located very close to unmowed, untrimmed, or wooded areas
  • homes that have have excess vehicles parked near it

If your home has any areas of concern, such as those listed above, consider having these areas trimmed or excess vehicles parked farther from the home to make it less accessible for criminals. 

Add motion lighting near doors and windows where an intruder might try to enter the home

Another low-cost method of deterring criminal activity near your home is to install very bright motion-sensor lighting in areas that might attract the attention of intruders. Doorways, porches, and windows on the rear or sides of the home that cannot be easily seen from the street can benefit from this type of security measure. 

Partner with a trusted neighbor to watch for signs of criminal activity

A great way to reduce the threat of criminal activity is to partner with one or more trusted neighbors in the area to watch for unusual activity at each other's home. To do this effectively, make sure that each neighbor's usual schedule is known and contact information is provided so that any issues can be quickly reported to the homeowner where the activity is suspected. In addition, all neighbors who participate should agree to call the police and the homeowner when a problem arises and refrain from approaching suspected burglars or intruders in order to make sure no physical altercation occurs. 

For even more security tips, or to shop for a home security alarm system to provide even more security for your home, contact a reputable home security alarm system specialist in your area today.