Commercial Security 101: 5 Smart Reasons To Upgrade Your System

Security systems are often the first line of defense for many businesses. While a standard security system will do the job, you might want to consider upgrading. A newer security system offers many benefits, including these five.

1. Improved Controls

As you might expect, a newer security system will feature better controls. In fact, many newer security systems allow for remote controls. This means that you can login to the security platform and control specific features from a portable laptop or even your smartphone. Adjusting lights, unlocking and locking doors, an even adjusting the heating or cooling can all be done while you're away.

2. Better Monitoring

Newer security systems also offer improved monitoring capabilities. Not only can you monitor your business from anywhere with a simple app, you can also control how you monitor. For example, many newer security systems allow you to adjust and rotate cameras so that you can get a better view. This is extremely handy, as it ensures that you do not have any blind spots in your business.

3. Lower Insurance Premiums

If you have an outdated security system, your insurance premiums are probably quite expensive. Luckily, most insurance companies offer incentives for upgrading commercial security systems. This can make upgrading inexpensive, when you factor in all associated costs and savings. For more information about what incentives might be available to you, contact your insurance provider.

4. Detect A Variety Of Emergencies

Older security systems are usually only triggered in the event of a break-in. Unfortunately, that's not the only emergency that could cost your business money. Fires, carbon monoxide, and severe weather conditions are usually left out of the mix. Luckily, today's security systems can notify you of everything happening in your business. This gives you peace of mind. As you can be sure that whatever is happening, it will be taken care of quickly.

5. Newer Technology

Finally, it might be worth upgrading your security system in order to take advantage of newer technologies. Today's commercial security systems come packed with a lot of cutting edge technology. For example, you could upgrade your locks to bio-metric. Instead of using keys or cards, you can utilize fingerprint recognition. This is extremely handy, as it significantly lowers the likelihood of a criminal successfully entering your business without permission.

As you can see, there are many reasons you might want to consider upgrading your commercial security system. Staying up-to-date on the newest security technologies may be an investment, but it's definitely worth it. If your security is out of date, contact a commercial security company like A Tech / Easy Living Store to learn more about the types of upgrades available to you. Your business will surely thank you for it.