Home Security Mistakes

Ensuring your home is secure and your family is safe is likely one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, many homeowners make some major mistakes that leaves their home at risk. Knowing what these mistakes are and what you should be doing instead is a key way to prevent burglary and home invasion.

#1: Not properly securing windows and doors

The locks on the various windows and doors of your home are no good if they aren't utilized, but it can be tedious and time consuming to check every lock in the house. Fortunately, there is a way to quickly do this task by simply looking at a control panel. There are alarm options that register on the panel if a door or window is left open or unlocked, which makes it quick and easy to check security before you go to bed or leave the home. You should also make sure that all windows and doors have updated locks, since often older locks are easier for a burglar to break through.

#2: Allowing the landscaping to overgrow

You may think that not having time to trim down the hedges is just a landscaping problem, but it is also a security issue. Overgrown plants around the house, especially those right up against doors or windows, can give a potential burglar a safe, hidden place to work as they break into your home. For this reason, all plants that border the house should be pruned low. It's also a good idea to avoid placing garden decors or outdoor items right up against the house where they can be used for hiding. Never place anything that someone could climb upon right up against the house, either, since burglars often take any advantage to check a second floor window since it is more likely to be unlocked.

#3: Ignoring your alarm system

It's not uncommon for homeowners to have an alarm system but to not use it because they don't understand some component or they worry that it will go off by accident. If you have an alarm, the door and window alarms should be activated whenever you aren't home or are in bed. If you never open your windows, then have the alarm programed so you can leave the windows activated but allow for doors to open when you are home during the day. If you don't activate alarms because you have motion detectors and are concerned about pets, then have the alarm company adjust the detectors so that they aim high enough to register a person but not low enough for an animal.

Contact a home security company if you have further questions about your alarm or home's safety.