Do You Need A Fire Sprinkler Or Suppression System?

When it comes to keeping a place of business safe and protected from fire, you need to decide whether to install fire sprinkler systems or fire suppression systems. Of course, you will need to find out if there is any law regarding which system you need. However, if there is no regulation, you will have to make the choice yourself. Here are a few things you should consider to help with your decision.

Materials to Be Protected

What you have inside your business could be destroyed by the contents of the protection device as much as they would be by a fire. A sprinkler system uses only water to put out the fire. However, things like paper and books may not make it through a complete soaking. Electronic equipment might be destroyed as well. You should consider using a fire suppression system that uses dry chemicals to put out the flames instead. When protecting areas that hold items that can withstand a lot of water, a sprinkler system might be best. In addition, using sprinklers is good for areas that are for your clients or customers such as waiting and dining areas.

Type of Fire Fuel

You need to be concerned with the thing that fuels the fire. It could be wood and drywall in the building, electric wires, cooking oil, or gas in the cooking appliances. While water can put out a fire fueled by wood, it won't work well in a commercial kitchen or on a heating appliance. Grease and electrical fires are best put out with a fire suppression system with either inert gases or chemicals.

Area to Be Protected

If the area you are trying to protect is large and open, a suppression system with chemicals or an inert gas can be used to smother the flames and prevent them from receiving the oxygen they need. However, if the space is small, the fumes from the system may cause anyone in the area to be overcome and not able to breathe properly. This may have people passing out in an area with a fire. If a suppression system is used in a kitchen area, it is important that the suppression agents will be directed at the fire only. A sprinkler system should always be used where workers or customers will be.

Depending on the type of business you have, it may be best to have both a fire suppression system in some places and a fire sprinkler system in others. The idea is to save as much property as possible and to keep personal harm at a minimum.