Two Tips For Preventing Your Pets From Triggering The House Alarm

A home security system is a wonderful tool for alerting you to the presence of burglars and other unwanted guests in your home. If you have pets, however, the system can quickly become an annoyance when your animal friends continuously trigger false alarms. Here are two tips for preventing this from happening without sacrificing the protection your home security offers:

Place Detectors High Up

Cats and dogs typically stay low to the ground. Unless the burglar is crawling on his or her stomach, the person will always stand taller than your pets. Thus, one way to keep the alarm system from picking up your pets' movements is to set the sensor close to the ceiling so that the scan will end a few feet from the floor. This accomplishes two things.

First, it allows your pets to walk freely without alerting the system that something is moving about and possibly triggering the alarm. Second, it'll put the system out of your pets' reach, so they can't accidentally set off the alarm by playing with it or knocking something over.

Be aware, though, that some animals are climbers (e.g., cats). So put the sensors as far away from shelves, cabinet tops, and other things your pet can climb on to access the security the equipment.

Choose a Pet-Friendly System

Another thing you can do before you have the system installed is to select one that's designed for pet owners. Pet-friendly alarm systems typically use specialized technology that is capable of distinguishing between animals and humans.

For instance, the system may use a passive infrared detector that senses heat and movement. If the body detected matches the temperature and movement pattern set for humans, the alarm will trigger. A different type of motion detector may let you exclude objects that weigh below a certain amount (e.g., 50 pounds), so it will ignore your dogs or cats if they weigh less than the setting.

Be sure to purchase a system that matches your pets' habits. If you have indoor pets, then make sure the interior sensors are pet-friendly and vice versa for outdoor animals.

There are many other things you can do to ensure your pet doesn't cause your home surveillance system to send out a false alarm. Contact a home security company like All Pro Security Inc for more information about this issue and assistance with picking out a system that best fits your needs and preferences.