What Should You Look For In A Home Security System?

People say that home is where the heart is. It's also the place where most people store their valuables, heirlooms, electronics, and sentimental items. A home break-in can be devastating. Fortunately, you can do what you can to prevent it by utilizing a home security system. Here are some of the things you should look for when purchasing a home security system to protect your residence:

1. Intruder Detection

Intruder detection is a basic feature of home security systems. Typically, infrared technology is used. Sensors are used to project invisible infrared beams across your doors and windows. When your home security system is armed, anything that disrupts the flow of infrared light will trigger an alarm. This type of intruder detection system can alert you to any unauthorized access to your home, giving you greater peace of mind.

2. Video Cameras

Many home security systems also incorporate video cameras. Video footage can be a useful way to identify the perpetrators in the event of a break-in. Visible video cameras can also serve as a deterrent to thieves. You can choose to have your video cameras on at all times or to turn them on at specific times, such as nighttime, based on your individual security requirements.

3. Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Many home security systems are compatible with mobile apps, which allow users to take advantage of remote monitoring capabilities. Being able to check the status of your home from your cell phone or computer can put your mind at ease when you're away at work or out of town on a trip. If your security system has video cameras connected, you can use your phone to watch live video feeds and monitor the exterior and interior of your house in real-time.

4. Off-Site Assistance

Off-site assistance is another helpful feature that many people want in their home security systems. Off-site assistance is provided by professionals who will receive an alert in the event that your home security alarm goes off. Based on this alert, security personnel will check on you to see if you require emergency services or some other form of aid.

5. Panic Buttons

Ideally, your home security system should also feature a panic button that, when pressed, will dial 911. When an emergency situation occurs, you may not be able to get to the telephone. Panic buttons give you an easier, safer way to contact the authorities to get the help you need.