3 Types Of Control Access For Your Business

An access control system plays a significant role in enhancing the security of your commercial building. This system allows you to control who can access certain parts of your building.

There are various types of access control systems on the market. Therefore, you need to choose a system that best suits your business. You may need to consider the level of security you need, the number of restricted areas, and people with access to your business premises.

This article highlights three types of access control systems that your business can benefit from.

Mandatory Access Control

Mandatory Access Control relies on a nondiscretionary design. Here, your employees are granted access according to the information fed into the system. Even better, your employees can only access the places you allow them to.

This type of control access is especially reliable since only the administrator controls access permissions. Because of this feature, Mandatory Access Control systems are often considered the most secure. As a result, this system is used in places requiring high-security levels like government institutions.

Role-Based Access Control

A Role-based Control Access System grants you access according to your position in the company. As the operator, you get to decide the level of access an employee needs to perform their duty.

Due to its simplicity, a Role-Based Access Control system is slowly becoming a popular alternative for most businesses. Furthermore, setting up this system only takes a short time since you don't have to manually grant permission for each of your employees. Instead, you set up permissions according to their job title.

For example, if you have 15 salespeople, two managers, and two accountants, you don't have to design 19 security profiles. Instead, you'll create three security profiles for each job title. Also, when you promote one of your workers, you don't need to create a different security profile. All you need is to provide them with credentials that fit their new role.

Discretionary Access Control

This type of control access allows you to determine the number of people allowed to access specific places in your office building. Here, you'll need to list authorized users at every access control point. Therefore, once your employee swipes their card or scans their fingerprint, your system will then compare their credentials to the list you have created.

Discretionary Access Control systems are considered the most flexible and grant the highest permissions. But this system isn't as secure as the first two.

When running a business, security should be your top priority. You can install any of these security systems according to your business needs. If you need guidance on what access control system works for your business, reach out to a reliable business security consulting service as soon as you can.

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