5 Advanced Features Required For Home Security Camera Systems

Today, the world is a dangerous place for everyone. A homeowner needs to be aware of their surroundings. Installing a home security camera system is one way to better protect your home and family. Home security camera systems help stop criminals and help law enforcement agencies resolve cases. Home security cameras are extremely versatile and can stop potential thieves even when you are at home. What advanced features do you need to look for when buying security camera systems today? 

 1. Motion detection 

Motion detection activates the camera when there is motion. This feature is important to save storage space, especially for cameras that monitor static areas such as the backyard. You will also be notified when new activity occurs. This includes robbery, theft, and other criminal activity. It optimizes storage space, especially when using local storage because you save on disk space. 

 2. Infrared Night Vision 

A home security camera system with infrared night vision allows you to monitor your house at night or in the dark. Most infrared night-vision security cameras also have a wide-angle view that allows you to see the entire perimeter of your home. 

Some security camera systems have built-in lights that can be turned on to illuminate the field of view. 

 3. Two-way Audio 

Talking to someone, not just watching, is something that can scare thieves from your home. Some high-end security camera systems come with bidirectional audio so you can talk directly to anyone at home or in the surrounding area. You can quickly see what they are doing based on their reaction. 

For example, a vendor can be mistaken for a potential thief. You can also warn potential thieves. If criminals know that your home has security footage, they think twice about stealing from your home. 

 4. Pan-Tilt-Zoom 360-Degree View 

Some advanced security camera systems have a 360-degree view feature. This gives you a real-time view of everything that's happening around your home. The PTZ camera can be controlled by changing the focus area and resolution level. It's easier to look up suspicious people or things. 

 5. Remote Surveillance 

Today's security cameras have a remote surveillance function, so you can see what the camera is monitoring from anywhere. You can use the smartphone app to pan, tilt, or zoom the camera for remote viewing. The camera also sends alerts from motion detection. 

Security cameras provide advanced features to protect your home. Contact a company like FAIRFIELD ELECTRIC COOP INC to learn more.